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Find your courage for an amazing birth and parenting experience.


Are you fearful of birth?  You are not alone. Unfortunately we live in a culture of fear surrounding childbirth. I have a vision that one day, childbirth will be viewed as a joyful rite of passage. I want to help you find the courage to enjoy your birth and postpartum experience.


At AuroraBirthSong we believe that all families have the right to respectful, evidence based maternal/newborn care. We strive to provide the support and education required to reduce stress and fear. The mission is to optimize the birth experience so that birth memories are indeed precious.


This is achieved through doula services, classes and photos. We also understand the transition to parenthood has many challenges and are committed to providing in home support to ease this intense period.


Services are provided for hospital, home and birth center births in Helena MT.


Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.                            ~Jane Weideman

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