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My Story

It makes me cringe when I hear women start sharing their negative birth stories with pregnant ladies at nearly every baby shower I attend or other get togethers. Women are amazing and childbirth is a miracle. Therefore, I am committed to offering encouragement and support with every birth I attend, so that new moms can remember their birth experience as a joyful rite of passage into motherhood, in spite of the painfully hard work it might be. In turn, it is my hope that they would share their encouraging memories with their friends and daughters so that the culture of birth is a positive one. 


My interest in childbirth started when I was a child. My passion for it started as a nursing student when I witnessed my first birth. Since then, I have attended over 200 births and the awesomeness of it never ceases to amaze me. 

I am Sheri Walker and have worked as a labor and delivery nurse, doula, childbirth educator and most recently, lactation professional.  My expertise is valuable in providing comprehensive birth services that are evidence based, compassionate and respectful.

When I'm not attending a family in transition, I can be found hiking with my camera, gardening, knitting or reading a good book.


My Philosophy
  • Pregnancy & childbirth are normal physiological processes.

  • Each birth is as unique as each individual.

  • Families have the right to informed consent and decision making regarding their care during this life-changing event.

  • A good birth is not defined by whether one chooses a "natural" birth or a "medicated" birth but rather the feeling of empowerment one experiences in making the choices that are right for them.  There is not one "right" way or place to give birth.


  • Fear interferes with normal birthing process. Knowledge and loving support make the transition much smoother.

Birth Memories last a long time and therefore they should be Precious!

I attend all types of births in a variety of settings in the Helena MT area.

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