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Postpartum In Home Support

Adjusting to life with a newborn comes with many challenges.  Having expert, caring support can help to ease the transition to parenthood.

In Home Support may Include:

  • breastfeeding assistance

  • hands on education about mother and baby care

  • emotional support for the family

  • screening and referral for postpartum mood disorders

  • light household duties such as laundry and snack preparation

Support is tailored to each individual family's needs and desires.


 Birth Services in Helena MT and area

Many women are afraid that birth will be too painful or that it will take too long. Others are concerned they will be pressured into interventions that are not wanted or needed.


Basic Package:

I will share relaxation and comfort techniques with you, help you make informed decisions and support you and your partner through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.  Support includes 2 home visits prenatally, text/email support through 6 weeks postpartum and one postpartum visit.

Of course, I will be the constant by your side, reassuring you through all stages of labor.  Your partner, if you have one, will need breaks and I will provide for that.  I have experience in basic massage, basic acupressure, positions and movements to facilitate an easier, quicker birth.  

Essential Package:

Includes all of the above with the addition of essential oils that have been shown to reduce stress, lower pain scores and decrease nausea in labor and the use of my portable diffuser during labor.

My hope is that with my care and support you will have precious birth memories no matter how or where your baby is birthed.





Basic Doula Services                                                    $850

Essential Doula Services                                              $925

In Home Support (min 16hrs)             starting at   $25/hr

What Others are Saying

Thank you so so so much for being here with us today and helping me bring my precious girl into the world. I seriously couldn't have gotten through the natural birth process without you! Anyone who wants to hear about how great your services are tell them to feel free to call me!  Randee J.

Sheri provided just the type of presence that I needed during my labor and delivery.  She was my doula for my first child.  I developed preclampsia and was admitted to the hospital 4 days after my due date.  Induction started at that time, but I did not have my son for an additional 4 days.  Due to the nature of my son being stubborn and not wanting to come out, I was given alot of options.  Sheri helped me to sort through all of my options in an understandable way and so that I still kept things happening how I wanted them to happen and safely.  She remained calm when things were very chaotic and scary in my room.  She was with me the whole time I wanted her there and she even climbed stairs with me to try to get the baby moving. 

I highly recommend Sheri for anyone who is looking for that calm but confident and knowledgeable guidance and support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Emily M.

Sheri was amazing! Considerate, attentive, and listened to what my husband and I wanted and needed during the birth of our first daughter. 

She explained things the doctor was suggesting that I do, she requested that they give me time to think and confer with my husband. When my husband was tired from helping me she made sure he rested. She made sure I was hydrated and that I moved into comfortable positions. having my daughter was amazing experience that Sheri helped create the right mood and gave support when needed. Kristen F.

My husband and I were very pleased with the service provided by Sheri Walker. For the birth of our 3rd child, we decided to have a home birth. Sheri stayed in touch with me throughout the pregnancy, and when it was time, she arrived at our house in a timely manner. She brought a calm and soothing presence to the labor and birth. My husband wanted to be as involved as possible, and she let him be the primary support giver, never over stepping; but as the labor progressed, and things

got especially hard, she was

right there with me, helping and

coaching me along. She is a knowledgeable, professional doula, and I highly recommend her! Kat M

Sheri was great. She was with us for the entire duration of our 36 hour birth, both at home and in the hospital. We had planned to be in a birth center, but had to transfer to the hospital - Sheri advocated for us in the hospital to ensure our birth plans were respected. She helped my husband and I in many ways during the labor - sitting with me through the night, offering massage, picking up food for my husband, etc. She was a calm, comforting, and stable presence throughout the whole experience. We felt reassured by her extensive nursing skills, although she didn't play that role during the birth, she was able to answer all of our questions and explain the different stages of the birth while we were in the hospital. Overall, Sheri was a very positive presence during the labor and birth - my husband feels like he couldn't have managed without her! Thank you, Sheri. Molly M.

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