Worried about what to expect when giving birth? Overwhelmed with all the information out there, not knowing what is accurate and evidence based? Afraid that birth might be too painful?  Looking for natural comfort measures to reduce need for pain medication? Wondering how you're going to cope with little sleep when baby comes home? Thinking of breastfeeding but afraid you won't know how?

Our classes will answer these questions and more.  In these engaging, fun and interactive 6 week series, you will learn how to empower yourself so you can enjoy your birth as a joyful rite of passage!  Your birth memories should be precious.

There is not just one right way to give birth and so we provide information regarding options in maternal and newborn care. The goal is to teach mothers how to really relax and work with their bodies, and to teach partners how to effectively provide emotional and physical support and to advocate when needed.  A broad range of proven, effective techniques for coping with labor naturally and healthfully are practiced in class, recognizing that every birth is unique and each family will use what works for them.  As with birth, there is more than one right way to be a parent and you will discover how to make decisions to best meet your families needs.


We strive to offer you the following:

Contemporary, comprehensive classes covering pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Instruction and support for low-intervention birth, with the understanding that not every birth can be low-intervention. A successful birth is one in which you make good, informed decisions based on the labor you are given.

The opportunity to develop small communities of students who go through class together. You and your classmates will also have the opportunity to connect to larger communities of parents sharing similar life changes.


Topics included in the classes are:

    Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Natural methods of pain management
  • Safe, effective comfort techniques
  • Informed decision making
  • Support skills for the partner
  • Writing your birth and postpartum plan
  • Pregnancy exercises and nutrition
  • Stages of labor and birth
  • Complications and interventions
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum & Newborn care

Classes are a partnership between Helena Birth Studio, AuroraBirthSong and Tiffany Robinson to provide top quality childbirth preparation classes.  Tiffany and I will be sharing the facilitation of your learning experience.


Tiffany is an RN and has worked for the past 15 years at a busy birth center in Tucson, AZ helping midwives deliver babies and teaching childbirth classes. She graduated summa cum laude from Grand Canyon University in 1996 with a bachelor of science in nursing and received her certificate as an instructor from the International Childbirth Education Association in 2010. Tiffany is committed to teaching childbearing families about their options for welcoming their newborn into the world and empowering them to trust their bodies and the process of birth - and most importantly, having fun while doing it! Laughter with a dose of reality helps dispel tension and fear while informing and equipping new parents to face the unknown with joy and confidence! 


Tiffany and her husband Chad have three children: a 20 year old daughter and an 18 year old daughter who were homeschooled, graduated, and have completed college, and a 14 year old son who is homeschooled. Her experiences of birth include a hospital 

birth with an obstetrician, a hospital birth with a midwife, and a waterbirth at a birth center. She and her husband and son are pleased to have recently relocated to Helena to experience all four seasons and enjoy the beauty of Montana!


Classes are held at Helena Birth Studio, Helena’s only birth center, owned by midwife Amanda Osborne.

Classes held at

AuroraBirthSong, Helena MT

Mondays 6-8 pm

Fall Series - Sept 14 - Oct 19


Pre-registration $200

(recommended as space is limited)

At the door $250

Fall 2020 Childbirth Class
Summer Childbirth Class
Helena Birth Studio
Spring 2020 Online Childbirth Preparation
Spring Childbirth Preparation
1311 11th Ave
Winter Childbirth Preparation Class
1311 11th Ave

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