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Celebrating Birth with Photography

I have had people give me strange looks when I mention that I am a birth photographer. "Why would you want photos of that?" they say. I have been told "I wouldn't want photos of me giving birth!". Contrary to popular belief, birth is NOT gross. Birth is a miracle. Sure its raw. Sure its intense. I get that. Birth photography is not about "down there" or the "crowning shot". It is about capturing the miracle. It's about recording the emotions - anticipation, determination, love, elation, relief, joy. Its about remembering and celebrating one of the most intense and rewarding days of your life. Its reminiscing about those tender moments of loving support between you and your partner.

Here are eight reasons why you might want to have a birth photographer:

1. Birth is one of the most momentous days of your life, as special or more so than your wedding day.

2. Your partner should hold your hand, not your camera and should be in the photos. A birth photographer will capture those special intimate moments between the two of you as well as your newborn.

3. Capture your emotions as you work to bring baby into the world and seeing your baby for the first time.

4. You forget: Labor and birth is a whirl of activity and emotions. Photos will help to jog your memory.

5. Your partner and care providers will be free to focus on supporting you without the extra stress of trying to remember to take photos.

6. Professional photographers have the right equipment and know how to use it for low light settings.

7. Capture the little details that you will probably miss as you are focused inward. You choose ahead of time what you'd like or not like photographed. The photos can be “for your eyes only” or you can share them with the world.

8. This birth will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Photography will document it to keep the memories alive and precious.

Respectful calm unobtrusiveness is important to me in order for you to labor as uninhibited as possible. For that reason, I like to meet ahead of time to get acquainted with you and your photography preferences. As well, I will NEVER post intimate photos without your consent.

Hope you enjoy this snap shot of my latest birth session. It was such an amazing experience to be invited to this wonderful occasion.

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