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Save Money, Hire a Doula

May is International Doula Month and while I was doing a bit of research to write this post, I came across an article that confirms what I have been thinking for several years. Some of the benefits of having a doula include reduced risk of cesarean section and decreased requests for pain medication such as epidurals. Both of these procedures are kind of expensive - actually much more than what a doula charges! So I was grateful to see that there has been a study done on this topic that shows the cost savings and the cost effectiveness of having a doula. You can find the article here.

Having a doula also can shorten your labor by up to an hour. What's not to love about that? Besides being in labor for less time, you will also be in hospital for less time with less of a bill.

There is also a 38% decrease in the risk of having a baby with low APGAR scores (a test of baby's health) which means fewer NICU admissions and more cost savings.

It is quite possible that having a doula at your birth can save even more in the long term as overall outcomes are improved and there is a greater satisfaction with the birth. This can spill over into the postpartum period with moms feeling better adjusted as parents because of having a positive birth experience. Therefore less postpartum depression and anxiety may occur. The cost of postpartum anxiety and depression is high. Of course having a postpartum doula can be beneficial in preventing these postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

But money isn't everything. Peace of mind, calm support, reassurance, informed decision making skills, evidence based info, comfort measures...priceless. Message me today to see how you can have an amazing birth/postpartum experience.

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